Service Range

PAAstudio can provide all necessary planing and construction services. Started originally as a pure design firm in 1992, two decades later, we can deliver a turnkey environment, which benefits owners in many ways. The scalable process can be custom tailored to any size and complexity of project, ranging from a full Design | Build package, to design only or Construction Management, to applied art and graphic design. The below tabs explain the different stages of the process.

1 | Pre-Design Services
2 | Design + Documentation
3 | Construction
4 | Additional Services
  • Before design begins

    PAAstudio offers systematic Pre-Design Services. You may want to find out if your planned development is feasible, or - can I afford what I want? How to phase it, if necessary? How to get the best for my money? All Pre-Design Services can be billed as part of the overall project contract or hourly, depending on the job specifics.

    All About the Project
    Feasibility Study
    Is the project viable to pursue?
    Assessment and market study
    Preliminary space organization
    Building performance model
    Preliminary cost estimate
    More Info
    Specific Qs
    All About the Site
    Site+Code Analysis
    What can we build here?
    Should my program change?
    Building envelope
    Access and parking
    Multihousing - How many units?
    Project phasing
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    Specific Qs
  • The project development

    The three classic phases of the design process are transformed into two with our full BIM capabilities. Schematic Design and Design Development blend pretty much together, since the overall 3D model of the building (Building Information Model = BIM) contains large amount of data from the start up.

    Schematic Design+Design Development
    Design Phase
    Preliminary floor plans, preliminary
    Construction Budget off unit prices.
    If LEED certification desired
    initial project team meetings.
    Full 3D modeling, base BIM
    initial input from consultants.
    Refine concept, details, materials
    PAAstudio unique design touch.
    Cost refined on preliminary quantities,
    key documents out to sub-contractors.
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    Specific Qs
    Construction Documents+Building Permit
    Documents Phase
    All plans, sections, elevations and details for
    permitting, building and inhabiting the project.
    Schedules, material takeoffs, specific area plans with
    full fixture count and positioning, automatically updated.
    Final Door | Window schedules, 3D positioning diagram.
    Interior elevations direct from BIM data.
    Consultant's data to BIM, dimensioned 3D details.
    Drawings to sub-contractors for pricing.
    Permit RTI (Ready to Issue)
    Final sets, bids awarded.
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    Specific Qs
  • The construction phase

    This is the essential building phase of any project. PAAstudio is capable of delivering it as part of the turnkey Design | Built process, or as Construction Management only where job specifics require such.

    Design | Build
    Construction Phase
    Building Permit, scheduling conference with all
    sub-contractors. Final schedule, construction start.
    Construction progress, certified draws and disbursement.
    Online job site live cams monitoring and reporting.
    Required inspections and certifications.
    Any needed changes implemented to BIM directly.
    Substantial Completion, final inspection, Certificate of Occupancy.
    Cleanup, millwork and equipment installation. Owner occupancy.
    Final set of plans, equipment manuals, warranties with building key.
    Final lien releases are handed over at final payment.
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    Specific Qs
    Construction | Project Mangement
    CM | PM
    CM only contract per project specifics.
    Owner's Agent for the building process only.
    Project Management per Owner requirements.
    Optimal use of design and construction firms' skills.
    Optimum use of available funds.
    Control of the scope of the work
    Avoidance of delays, changes and disputes.
    Enhancing project design and construction quality.
    Optimum flexibility in contracting and
    procurement. Cash flow Management.
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  • What we do more

    1. Facilities Management through ArchiFM based on our ArchiCAD Building Information Model (BIM).
    2. Furniture specification and purchasing or purchasing assistance based on our interior design drawings.
    3. Graphic design services including full project marketing integration, logo design, branding and color coding.
    4. Web site design, hosting and maintenance as well as pre-sale assistance. Quick investment payoff!
    5. Applied visual arts, two and three dimensional art applications with
      30+ years of experience in the field.

    Why additional services?

    Simply because they pay off well. PAAstudio has the distinct ability of offering a rich palette of additional services, ranging from automated FM to extended Interior Design Purchasing, graphic design, web design and marketing, to art and applied arts services. With over 30 years of experience in the art field and numerous solo and group exhibitions, as well as a number of art pieces in museums and private collections all over the globe, Ivo delivers the capacity of shaping up PAAstudio's Livable Minimalism concept into a functional piece of art. Rossi brings in unique artistry for unusual material and space concepts along with a solid architectural base and code expertise. These are the basics of what makes working with PAAstudio such a unique experience.

01. Pre-Design


02. Design + Docs


03. Construction


04. And more