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Things a three part series

Things We Used To Do
Things We Did
Things We Do


Gislée on paper, 2004 | 2005
Sizing S | M | L | XL
Counts 5 | 4 | 5 per series


Series Details

A series with three parts, Things examines everyday ins and outs in the past and the present. The elongated vertical format of Things We Did presents an unique display opportunity for taller spaces. The L size (and up) specifically, which has been printed and hung in our own in-house gallery with a tapestry-like feel of the exposed paper at 44"x135" (112x343 cm) live. This series fully emphasizes the distinctive perpetual size concept, since appearance fully changes with dimensions and varies from intimate to strongly monumental.

Printed to order in S | M | L | XL sizes allows for flexible implementation in various dimensions, space and environment. Typically, S sizes are printed on 19"x13" archival 300g smooth art paper, edition of 100. M sized prints are on 36"x24" archival flat stock, edition of 50, while L sizes are based on 60"x42" in edition of 20. XL sized are printed to order on ±60" paper as the smaller dimension, edition of 5. All prints are signed, stamped and numbered.

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