FLUTTER an animation short of hope


Animation Short, 2017
Director - Vladimir Todorov
Moonrock Pictures | PAAstudio Production

Film Details

Set in a dystopian universe, FLUTTER is a short animated film about despair, hope and the power of love. The film was released in March of 2017 and has had a very successful run on the international festival circuit with a substantial number of awards.

It was conceived, drawn, animated and directed by our dear friend Vladimir Todorov. Ivo Venkov got involved in the project's later stages as a co-producer and VFX Architect. The film was fully re-composited at PAAstudio and Vladimir + Ivo edited, composed the soundtrack and sound effects together. Sound design + sound and video production by PAAstudio.

The film was originally produced in full 4K , with a final 4K release still pending. It can be viewed on Vimeo through the movie web site, linked below. The overall critic's reception has been positive, with the film earning the top Animation Short Film prizes in both Raindance and BELIFF Film Festivals. It still keeps on drawing attention with it's unique vision and cinematic style, and continues showing at a number of international film festivals in the fall of 2018.

The upcoming 4K release details will be announced through the FLUTTER web site, linked below. Full screen view advisable.