Hollywood Hills 6 | 7 luxurious modern sustainability

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Two single family home in the Hollywood Hills, California, 2013 | 5,000 and 5,600 SF
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The residences feature the best of contemporary styling, home planning and automation, while taking advantage of terrain disposition and exquisite city views. Designed with the signature ‘livable minimalism’ approach of our office, they are inspired by iconic modern homes such as Falling Water and Casa Malaparte. Nevertheless, they reside in the 21st Century as form and function and - fun, of course, as well as current building standards.

The location of the homes on the property is dictated by a multitude of factors such the natural site conditions, exiting easement approach, Fire Department hydrant entry distance, allowable driveway slope, envelope height and BHO FAR, allowable cut, required toe of slope clearance and additional specifics.

The spatial composition provides an airy ambience and clear, easy functional connections, starting with an ample driveway court with grass paved surface. Each home has a three car garage and additional up to five parking spots for guest parking, a hot commodity in the Hills. Service level storage rooms and wine cellars for both homes and a sauna for Home A. Interior stairs and an elevator handle vertical communication, while guests enter via spacious exterior stairs at second level.

Both homes feature interior gardens around their floating staircases lit by ample skylights; seating and entry closets are convenient part of the entry. Home A features three large bedrooms, two bathrooms and a maid’s room with a full bath, while Home B has the bedroom/bathroom count and a service lounge. Laundry rooms are conveniently located at the same level.

The spacious layout continues on the third floor, where the gently split level living | family room continues throughout the dining room and kitchen tract to a large outdoor terrace with a BBQ, exterior fire pit and hot tub as well as plenty of seating. Fully retractable glass doors take away the division of in and outdoors. In turn, the interior fire pits are visible from all corners of the space. The terraces are shielded by the sizable overhangs of the master suite decks above and the wooden privacy screens in between the two homes. Dense floral elements between the buildings provides a second layer of privacy.

The master suite is at the top level and features another sizable outdoor terrace with fabric shades, coordinating color identity for each house. This is also emphasized by the elongated lap pools at that level with an infinity swim through clear glass wall to the South. Both master suites have large indoor hot tubs and separate bathrooms with WC and bidet, ample closet space, interior fire pits, additional seating and desk areas, as well as a dedicated makeup armoire. More builtin storage indoors and out on the terrace is provided in both homes, while large skylights cast light into the indoor gardens below.

Overall, both homes make the best out of a very complex setting and envelope by creating an unique modern, yet warm and gracious environment with highly sustainable features, full indoor-outdoor integration, 21st century home automation and entertainment facilities.

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Home A pan sequence

Home B pan sequence