A unique combination of talents

PAAstudio has the special ability to see a project from start to finish - and bring more to it. In addition, our artistic portfolio brings beauty and function to a new level of experience. We are not exaggerating - it is not too comfortable to pat ourselves on the shoulder, but these are the facts and we live with and within our own creations every single day.

Then comes the fun part.

  • Truly Modern
    Sustainable + Affordable
    Green Build
    Applied Arts
    All In One
  • Livable Minimalism
    Delicate Definition of Space
    Efficient Design
    Limitless Creativity
    Turnkey Process
    Green Building
    Grater Value
1 | Traditional Approach
2 | Our Workflow
3 | How Much Better
4 | And A Lot More
  • Perhaps just a thing of the past

    The accepted progression in the building process has always been an uneasy tree-way relation between Owner, Architect and Contractor. While the Architect as the Owner's Agent has no right over means and methods of construction, let alone frequent schedule delays and more-than-customary cost overruns, with this approach there has been no clear chain of coordination between the parties involved.

    This "love-hate triangle" is more likely to result in an unpleasant process and a relatively mediocre end product. A purely design firm on the Architectural side has no direct way of remedying any construction mistakes, while a Design | Build firm has a direct method of not letting such happen. It is also a common complaint with Contractors not comprehending well new complex building data, not being up to par with sophisticated 3D modeling and quantization.

    Our comprehensive hands-on BIM | BUILD approach eliminates all that by providing a clear and easy answer.

  • A simple and beautiful turnkey operation

    It's easy, isn't it?

    We did not invent the Design | Build operation. We just took it a bit further. Call it the BIM | BUILD approach. Our advanced 3D modeling systems allow for the creation of a detailed, true-to-reality building model and integrated elements + quantity data, which are translated directly to Construction Documents and to a real building without ambivalent interpretations.

    This is the result you want and this is the result you will get. PAAstudio is licensed and bonded, backed by more that 30 years of experience in the fields of architecture, building and art applications. Along with some | still | music.

    Our proprietary BIM | BUILD workflow stands clearly in a league of its own.

  • We do it all and actually quite a bit more

    Practically there would be little to compare. Of course, we offer traditionally addressed design services as well as a separate Construction Management package per project specifics. Nevertheless, to total PAAstudio experience is the best way to utilize the full potential of our firm. Also - the best way to save on professional fees and benefit from efficiency of the total package.

    For instance, hillside design expertise is something that comes with time and skill and depends on quite a few additional factors, such as tenacity and adequate code interpretation. Let's not forget also that good design is not quite common either. But designing and building on a hill takes significantly more. Recognition for doing that says it all.

    PAAstudio has this as a proven value.

  • Factoid +

    • Fact 01

      Our BIM | Build method saves not only time, but money. Design cost is incorporated in the overall project fee structure at practically no charge.
    • Fact 02

      The Virtual Building remains flexible and modifiable at any point of the project.
    • Fact 03

      Initial consultation is usually free, depending on job specifics.
      Let us know if we can be of help.

    • Fact 04

      Schematic Design and Design Development are fused in one phase, saving time and fees.
    • Fact 05

      Clients can access the VBM (Virtual Building Model> online and review progress and any applicable changes and revisions.
    • Fact 06

      Energy performance of the building is part of the VBM and could be rendered as part of any Design | Build or Design only package.
    • Fact 07

      Passive sustainable features underline of our design philosophy - they are the most cost savings green features of any project. They also come free with any PAAstudio project.
    • Fact 08

      We have done almost any kind of architectural or interior design. The same goes for graphic design and art. Now we can build it for you and have the art in!
    • Fact 09

      During construction 24/7 webcams allow for direct construction observation on computer and mobile devices.
    • Fact 10

      Good design actually pays for itself. As mentioned before, it is a well known real estate fact, that a publication or design award brings 7+% of total value increase. This covers all architectural and most contracting fees. In other words, working with us is just a profitable enterprise.


    Naturally, changes occur during all design and construction phases. PAAstudio's BIM | Build method provides the most comprehensive change and revision implementation process. Alterations could be done at any stage of the project with fully automatic building documentation update. The below pic has shown our office standard more than 10 years ago - even with less advanced than today's rendering engines, virtual and real are practically identical. The 3D you see here is an integral part of the Construction Docs package and can be explored virtually at any time of the design or building process.

    We not only design, we make it real.

We have the resources and expertise to make a vision reality.
A beautiful, sustainable, functional, engaging reality. Ask us how!

01. Efficient Design

Form, Function and Fun. Livable Minimalism, Delicate Definition of Space. A practical, inhabitable, beautiful piece of art.

02. From A to Z

Turnkey Design | Built process. Your dreams to life - the most efficient way. Fully continuous customization, consistent quality.

03. Limitless Creativity

Fully integrated BIM, allowing interactivity, real time changes and total visualization of the project at every stage.

04. Greater Value

Consistent Publication | Award record brings 7+% to the total
real estate value. Design or
Design | Built pays for itself.

  1. Building could be actually fun.
    When done by the right team.
  2. The importance of design is more than
    we can emphasize. Good design = good life.
  3. A notable part of many medical studies is the fact, that space is essential to the human mind.
  4. We utilize our own creations every single day
    - and we are quite happy due to that.
  5. To PAA or not to PAA - is that the question?
    In such case, a simple answer - yes!