We could just call it 'livable minimalism' and be done. However, there are function and form, structure and aesthetics, beauty and... budget - handled with the same attention to detail; the fusion of art and building science into a practical, sustainable piece of imagination - first digital and then real, and then truly green again.

A step further beyond Bauhaus' three F’s - 'form follows function' is what we see as 'form fuses fuction' - parallel evolution at every level of development with complete transparency of building interaction and automation at all stages of its life. And yet one more ‘F’ - for 'fun', an integral part of our credo.

The 'delicate definition of space', the fluid transition between different parts of a total volume, which are defined without vertical partitions and still retain their identity and crisp function; and besides being poetic this also becomes a fact. furthermore and back to basics, PAAstudio provides the proficiency of executing the job within the required time and budget.

In conclusion - at a more abstract level, the three above mantras are further explored in the art and music on this site and our interactive Flash portfolio below, which we hope you will enjoy as well. Like our best friends say - 'cooler than Coolhaas'!

We are kinetic

Things move quickly around here. At Internet speed. That means we have to be nimble, in both work and play. Shall we say 'Livably minimal'?
Let us hear from you.

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And we have been around

PAAstudio was founded in 1992. Since then we have earned a solid recognition for who we are and what we do. But we continue to advance.
And we welcome new challenges.

See Why

We deliver precise thinking and artistic design that can turn your objective from virtual to real. The core of our strategy is achieving modern, perceptible, elegant results.
We can help you plan and accomplish all your real estate goals!

Meet the team

Ivo Venkov
Rossi Venkov
Some Works
  • Ivo Venkov

    Architect | Founder

    With a solid creative career of almost 30 years, Ivo is the backbone of this agile multidisciplinary firm with international recognition.

    Professional Profile


    • 1984 Licensed Architect, Europe, Asia
    • 1994 Licensed Architect, CA, USA
    • 2013 Licensed General Contractor, CA, USA

    Professional Affiliations

    • 1994 American Institute of Architects

    Career Profile

    Since opening practice in Europe in 1984, Ivo Venkov has designed a number of important projects in the United States and overseas. His architectural expertise ranges from private residences to assembly facilities and has earned him international recognition and awards. He is the founder of PAAstudio in 1992. Since then, Ivo has been developing a broad spectrum of works, which have established PAA's line of thinking as well as the company's perception for functional design. He has also a successful art career with a number of works in international museums and private collections. Coincidentally, he is also author of a rock opera in 1984, which once again shows, that architecture could be considered 'silent music'. Sometimes silent, that is.

    Recognition Prior to PAAstudio

    • 1987 Residency, School of Architecture, School of Fine Arts, Washington University in St. Louis, Saint Louis, MO
    • 1986 Second Prize, National Design Competition, Convention Center, Pleven, Bulgaria
    • 1985 Honorable Mention, Design Competition, Children's Center, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
    • 1983 Third Prize, Design Competition House of the Future, Paris, France
  • Rossi Venkov

    Creative Director

    Rossi is the heart and soul of PAAstudio. Her abilities range from architecture and design to deep code analysis, to applied arts and crafts.

    Professional Profile


    • 1996 Licensed Architect, Europe, Asia

    Career Profile

    Upon earning MA degree with specialization in Environmental and Historic Monument Preservation, Rossi Venkov has worked as a licensed architect in Sofia, Bulgaria. She joined PAAstudio in 1999. Since then, Rossi has been as the company's other design partner and Creative Director in both aesthetics and functional, as well as regular office matters. She is also the office code expert- recent successful LA Municipal Code interpretations and negotiations with City of Los Angeles Zoning and Building and Safety officials are primarily attributed to her abilities. Somehow she also manages to be a dedicated mother of two.

    Recognition Prior to PAAstudio

    • 1994 1st Prize, International Student Competition, Nior, France
  • The Rest of the Gang

    Design | Engineering | Construction

    We collaborate online with our consultants as part of the overall BIM (Building Information Model) of the project, from virtual to real construction.

    Pioneering the Virtual Office


    • 1997 Establishing the Virtual office Concept
    • 1998 - current Since pioneering the idea at the end of the last century, we developed strong skills in managing a virtual office environment, which allows for superior design, quick project delivery, detailed construction focus and excellent results.

    Key Design | Build Associates

    How It Works

    Based on the significant capacity of our CAD main frame, we run an online BIM server, which allows all consultants to participate directly in the Virtual Building Model. The construction process follows closely the approved Construction Documents, with changes implemented directly into the BIM database.

  • 01. Assembly Facilities

    Heritage Welcome Center, Park City, Ky, Comp. Entry
    Palos Verdes Art Center, Los Angeles,CA, Comp. Entry
    Hudson River Sun Shelter, New York, New York
    Yokohama Port Terminal, Yokohama, Japan, Comp. E
    Children’s Center, Gabrovo, Bulgaria
    Colossus Performance Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Convention Center, Pleven, Bulgaria
    Municipal Building, Abu Dhabi, UAE

    02. Banks | Casinos

    City National Bank, Los Angeles, California
    Security Pacific National Bank, Pasadena, California
    Desert Inn Casino Remodel, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Luxor Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

    04. Commercial Development

    429 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, California
    800 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California
    9301 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California
    Asahi Recording Studio, Santa Monica, California
    Astrolite Alloys, Camarillo, California
    ARCO Headquarters, Pasadena, California
    Block 20, New Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro
    City of Long Beach Animal Shelter, California
    C.R.A. Headquarters, Los Angeles, California
    Epitaph Records, Los Angeles, California
    Gateway Tower Remodel, Pasadena, California
    GTE Main Street TV, Santa Monica, California
    MCC Santa Monica, Mall and Condominium Complex
    NHS Headquarters, Los Angeles, California
    Town Center Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

    05. Multihousing

    3 Unit Residence Remodel, San Pedro, California
    Elm Avenue Condominiums, Glendale, California
    Affordable Housing Complex, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Ely Meadows Townhouse Complex, Ely, Nevada

    06. Restaurants

    Fine Dining, Luxor Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Fish House, Luxor Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
    High Energy, Luxor HotelCasino, Las Vegas, Nevada
    Hill Street Cafe, La Canada, California

    07. Hotels

    Western Hajj Salman Hotel, Karbala, Iraq
    VIP Suites, Desert Inn, Las Vegas, Nevada
    VIP Suites, Caesar's palace, Las Vegas, Nevada

    08. Medical Facilities

    Ambulatory Surgical Center, Beverly Hills, California
    USC Physical Therapy, Los Angeles, California

    09. Murals + Sculptural

    429 Santa Monica Boulevard, Santa Monica, California
    9301 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California
    Bacchanal Restaurant Mural, Caesar’s Palace, LV, NV
    Branca Residence, Mural Art, Beverly Hills, California

    10. Retail

    Block 20, New Belgrade, Serbia+Montenegro
    Town Center Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia+Montenegro
    Nicole, West Hollywood, California
    ( in association with DES-Arc below )
    Bay CIty Shopping Center, Nagoya, Japan
    Centro Commerciale Ipercoop, Pordenone, Italy
    Kukulcan Village, Cancun, Mexico
    Nassica Oporto Outlet Center, Oporto, Portugal
    Parco Commerciale Urbano, Vicolungo, Italy
    Tampines Mall, Koala Lumpur, Malaisia
    Walt Whitman Mall, Long Island, New York

Recognition summary

  • 2002
  • 2002
  • 2002
  • 2000
  • 2000
  • 1997